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This is the text of the Bill filed on 7 February by Adele Gambaro (former M5S) in the Senate, implementing (technically, “transposes”) the resolution adopted by the European Parliament for the so-called contrast to propaganda online. It is signed by a plethora of senators across political parties, looking forward to "standardise" finally "the network". The fight against "Fake News"? Maybe! Instead, one pursues who "overuse" in giving real news, as well as who is "biased", and even those who in giving news "raises public alarm”, brings harm to the public interest "or" misleads public sectors ".

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FAKE NEWS and FAKE REALITY? Still a trap put in place by the Boldrini, This time the throats of freethinkers. Clinton gives the order “No more freedom on the net” It Rookery Italy performs. Censorship, control and deterrence will be the official tools. Behaviors, disrepute, outrage and threatens the usual tools that the State will field to close once and for all the myth of FREE NETWORK. That's what INFORMATION, TRUE, FAKE, SUBJECT, SOVEREIGN, The STATUS and… his reasons.

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Synwrite v 6.35.2600 Free Software 17/02
PDFCreator v2.5.1 Free Software 16/02
HomeBank v5.1.4 Free Software 16/02
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