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Microsoft has been slow to be recognized. Thanks to Windows 10, slowly the predecessors will follow in spianaggio implemented by Microsoft. Luck wants the Windows agreement 10 partly covers the Windows 7 to 8.1. Microsoft cannot break its own rules and these user ’ OS is still “Partially” sheltered, taking advantage of information that relate to the updates before being installed in the operating system. In fact, partially covering the Windows agreement 7, 8 and 8.1, l ’ user can know in detail what is specifically an update.

Here are the two updates that you should definitely not light install. If your operating system, You can disable them with Free Tools fielded by friends or Hackers, or if you prefer, sound is the ideal ’ formatting. Maybe doing more attention to codes before downloading Updates.

1) Spy Update (released on 17/08/2015) KB3080149: https:///en-us/kb/3080149

This article describes the updates for Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Server 2012 R2, 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), 8 and 8.1.

Diagnosis and telemetry service

Diagnosis and service collects information telemetry functional Diagnostics, problems on Windows systems that participate in the Windows client program (CEIP). CEIP reports do not contain contact information, as the name, address or phone number. This means CEIP will not ask you to participate in surveys or to read junk mail, and you will not be contacted in any other way.

Applications that have their Diagnostics and telemetry program such as insights may depend on the transport service the Microsoft telemetry. Users of the ’ application will be able to participate in these programs through the settings of the application ’. This update uses SSL (TCP port 443) to download the posters and load Microsoft telemetry that uses the following endpoints DNS:


This update contains the following two posters that are used by the service when the user ’ participate in CEIP Windows or telemetry programs that are specifically handled by an application such as ’ applications that use the ’ application Insights:

telemetry. ASM-WindowsDefault .JSON

2) Spy Update (released on 17/08/2015) KB3075249: = 48626

This update adds telemetry points for the User Account Control feature (UAC) to collect information on elevations that originate from low integrity levels.

Complete list Update not install (Recommended):

Kb971033 – Activation Technologies (Detects Windows copy 7 Pirate; Released On 10/01/2012)
KB3035583 – Reservation “Get Windows 10” (Released On 24/09/2015)

KB2882822 – Telemetry Adds ITraceRelogger interface introduced in Windows 8. Detects performance and sends data to Microsoft Servers (Released On 29/08/2013)
KB3021917 – Telemetry (Released On 09/02/2015)
KB2990214 – Allows upgrade from Windows ’ 7/8 to Windows 10 (Released On 06/04/2015)
KB3068708 – Telemetry (Released On 02/06/2015)
KB2952664 – Telemetry (Released On 28/07/2015)
KB3080149 – Telemetry (Released On 17/08/2015)
KB3075249 – Telemetry (Released On 17/08/2015)
KB3102429 – Supports Azerbaijan Manat Currency Symbols (Released On 17/11/2015)
KB3112343 – Compatibility and upgrade from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 (Released On 01/012/2015)
KB2952664 – Telemetry (Released On 12/01/2016): Changes the meaning, but is equal to KB2952664 – Telemetry (Released On 28/07/2015)
KB2952664 – (Released On 02/02/2016) Attention! This update changes from time to time the meaning. Microsoft, change the release date, information, but it's an update from Windows Update and telemetry 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10. Although you want to hide this update, It appears before under important updates, and then in the optional. Microsoft wants to aggressively push l ’ Windows user 7 and 8 nell’ upgrade the operating system spy: Windows 10.
KB3123862 – Allows upgrade from Windows ' 7/8 to Windows 10 (Released On 03/02/2016 "Continuously Changing Release Date")
KB3118401 – Allows upgrade from Windows ’ 7/8 to Windows 10 (Released On 16/02/2016)
KB3121255 – Allows upgrade from Windows ’ 7/8 to Windows 10 (Released On 16/02/2016)

KB3153731 – Legal time Azerbaijan, Chile, Haiti ed Morocco (Released On 10/05/2016)

KB3138378 – Update for Windows Journal (Patches without documentation, better to avoid it – Released On 10/05/2016)

KB3150513 – Windows compatibility Diagnostics and telemetry 10 (Released On 04/05/2016) (This update is only offered if you have one of these KB2977759, KB2952664, KB2976978)

KB3022345 – Released 2 June 2016 Replaces KB3080149 – Diagnostic telemetry (Released On 17/08/2015)
KB3173040 – Notification For Windows 7 /8 To End Offer Upgrade To Windows 10 (Released On 30/06/2016 "Continuously Changing Release Date")

KB3197869 – This Package Contains Many Telemetry Ambushes – Preview of November ’ monthly cumulative quality 2016 (Released On 15/11/2016)
When is inserted as Updated “Optional“. I don't recommend l ’ install packages of a certain weight whether it is Optional or security. Microsoft does not lose the habit of cheating l ’ user and the easiest way is to create packages with all internal ’ fake updates, then all user ’ ’ knowledge of Telemetry. Also information about cumulative updates are often accompanied by limited information. When an update is not accompanied by clear information, is a precise indicator that Microsoft is hiding something.

(Last Revision On NAMP On 18/11/2016)

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FotoSketcher v3.30 Freeware 01/02
Cyberduck v5.3.4 Free Software 01/02
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